Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vintage Paper Collage

Sorry the , I can not get my pictures to display.... I will try later!!!!
These is an example of what my class will be about this evening. I am always a bit nervous when I teach...... do I know enough ...... will people think it will be worth the money they paid to take the class..... will I remember how to talk!!!

It is always so much easier to teach kids. I really had fun working on this. I wanted to really focus on the vintage paper and I actually might do a series like this ...... just for a break from my other work. I will let you know how it went tomorrow . Wish me luck!

Talk to you soon,



Jennifer DeDonato said...

You will do great!


Julie C. said...

hey Courtney!
The class tonight was great! Thank you for all your sharing! Here is the website for kid's projects I was telling you about:
Take care,

Livecreations said...

ha ha, that makes me laugh...(will I remember how to talk :) )I also get those kind of thoughts when I have to talk in front of people, lol