Monday, April 28, 2008

April showers bring May flowers , right......

I just finished this commission piece. It was based on a fortune from a cookie " The best days of your life have not yet been lived". I was a bit nervous , as always to do a custom piece. I never know if the person will like it. I love the way it turned out ...... I will find out later this week how the buyer likes it. Cross your fingers.

It has been rainy and dreary the past few days and I have gone from being excited about planting to...... I want to sleep under warm blankets and wake to hot coffee. Hopefully all the rain will pay off with a new found energy again!!! Cross your fingers on both hands!

Talk to you soon!


Sunday, April 27, 2008

New work ,etc....

This is a new piece that I just put in my etsy shop. I love working with a square format.

The above is my very messy traveling studio. I have a small closet niche in the extra room in our basement. It is primarily used as my kids playroom. My closet area is really where I store all my materials and projects. During the day I will work in there or in my family room while my son plays. We have a counter top that is a great workspace, originally it was made for folding clothes . In the evening I haul all of my work papers to my kitchen , I can hear the kids if they get up and watch a show ....... and there is a chair for me to sit on !! One day I dream of a space of my own , until then ...... I travel light.
Talk to you soon,

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Here I am!!

My two piece black ensemble was just published in the May/June issue of Belle Armoire. I love all of the stampington and company mags. This should be out next week . This is my 4th published work. I am so excited to see my name in print!! I also got a pair of my art shoes published ( who would ever wear them!!!). Anyway, it was much fun to take the challenge and I plan to do more for the upcoming issues. Check them out , they have challenges all the time and all you have to do is take a chance and believe in yourself. Do it!!
Talk to you soon!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring is here.....

I just added these to my etsy shop. I was feeling in the spring mood. I have been working on a few commission pieces and I really needed a break ....... so the flowers bloomed! I hope everyone is enjoying their week. I will have more to show by the end of the week ( hopefully! I guess now that I put it in words I better ! ).
Talk to you soon,

Monday, April 21, 2008

Surviving the rain

This is a new collage I finished over the very ,very, wet, pollen ridding . rainy weekend! I hope to have more to post by the end of this week. I had 2 commission pieces and a birthday collage for my husband to finish.

I watched the move " the upside of anger" and really loved it. It was on very early Sat . morning and since I was the first up I was able to watch it while drinking coffee and making breakfast. It was the kind of movie that surprises you..... then you get sucked in and you are stuck. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and hopefully spring will bring a new found energy to all!

Talk to you soon,


Friday, April 18, 2008

It is Friday!!!!

Hooray!! It is so nice here and I am starting to get that burst of Spring energy! I have been so tired lately . My son had his preschool artshow last night..... what fun. He really was excited and insisted on wearing a tie . He is the cutest !

I have cleaned up the flower beds and will be anxiously waiting to plant..... I have a commission piece that I am working on and a special collage for my husband's birthday. I hope to have some new items in my etsy shop by the end of the week.

Talk to you soon! Courtney

Monday, April 14, 2008

At times I have so much to say that I could post everyday ....... even twice a day. Then I go thru times where I do not even want to hear what I am saying in my own head!!! Why subject others to it?

I have nothing really magical or enlightening to say........ I just watched the movie "Crash " for the 3rd time...... and every time it stops me in my tracks and makes me think. If you have not already seen the movie , I highly recommend it. I think sometimes I worry about things being just so and to tell you the truth it can be quite exhausting. My husband is reading this and laughing , because so often I go on this kick about being positive and working hard for the change. I promise honey , I am going to just relax and just be....... I am really tired of swimming up stream. So for this moment , I am just going to watch the train go by and not try hopping on.

Talk to you soon, Courtney

Monday, April 7, 2008

More Chairs....

This is the latest addition to my chair series. This piece is called " The first date ". I am really having fun with these chairs. This is now in my etsy shop.

Have a great start to the week!! Talk to you soon,


Friday, April 4, 2008

A little birdie .....

I just finished posting this new piece in my etsy shop , but it has sold! I love this piece and I am very glad it has a good home.
Spring is here and the birds are going crazy! My little guy and I were in the basement playing , when we heard this weird tapping at our front door. I could see that no one was at the door but could feel the door vibrating. We got very scared. We looked out the upstairs window and saw that there was a bird pecking at the door. The birds started to try to fly into our windows as well. All I kept thinking about was the movie " the birds".......... I calmed down, covered the door and window with boxes . I figured the birds could see their reflection and were probably mating so they thought they were another bird. Oh the joys of spring !!!
Talk to you soon,