Saturday, June 28, 2008

I am back!!!!

Well we have just arrived home. We had a lovely stay in a house by the sea. Despite the large group we had with us ( in-laws, sister -in- law and family, Aunts , cousins, children of all ages ) it was a crazy, fun, loud, sandy, and a relaxing time. What it was not ....... is long enough. It seemed like a blink of an eye. My husband thought I was a bit withdrawn...... oddly enough I suppose that is how I relax. I am a people watcher and I think most comfortable just at the edge of the action. I made sure that all the clothes were washed before returning..... so I will order pizza organize my home and sleep well in my bed tonight. I have a few vintage paper/watercolor pieces I worked on. They are very simple , I will show you later this week. Hopefully I will be busy this week with some new pieces.
My boys were very excited to get back to their Lego Star Wars and Indiana Jones video games. While Daddy slept, I thought I would treat them by turning it on for them. There is a reason they do not play while I am at home ( I can not figure any electronics out !!). Apparently I pushed "new game" , my 5 yr.old howled in panic. He repeatedly said that all their hard work is now gone! I guess I cleared something and all their levels are lost. A big slap of reality to let me know I am now home!!! For now I will dream of the sea as I sip my coffee and wait for pizza.
Talk to you soon!

Friday, June 20, 2008

I am on Vacation!!!

Finally !!! I will be back with many photos and news on Sunday June 29th.
Have a great week !

Talk to you soon,


Monday, June 16, 2008

what a week .......

Why is it , whenever you really have too much on your plate ...... someone always piles on 2nds! I am going on vacation with my extended family on Saturday. Before than I have a summer camp to teach, two play dates for the boys, catch up doctors appt., and two stores that I need to update with work. And if this is not enough , my husband has a sinus infection, my son has pink eye and a sinus infection...... and my little guy has started to cough ( I am in denial about the cough ). I am feeling a bit raged already and my week has not started. We have gone the entire winter with no illness, so yes we are due...... but in June before vacation!!!

I am getting out all my homeopathic remedies and crossing my fingers!! Unfortunately I will not have any new work in my etsy store for awhile. I am going to blog at least one more time before I leave. Oh well , at least I have only the above to complain about and not something truly horrific. I take what I am getting ...........

Talk to you soon,


Thursday, June 12, 2008

New collage...Th

This is my newest collage. I will not have it in the shop until late tomorrow ( Friday). I just finished it and I have to wait for good lighting to take some pics. My scanner makes everything really yellow ...... I need to invest in a better one.
I am in the middle of a zillion projects. I always back myself into a corner and work furiously until I can see light. That last about a minute and back in the corner I go.
I am going on vacation in a week , so I am trying to tie up loose ends on a few things before I leave. I am taking a few small projects with me , we will see how much I get done !
Talk to you soon,

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bookmarks ....

The above are my new bookmarks. I am working on a few small collages to use as bookmarks , small framed ATC's and other alternatives to my canvas work. I like the challenge of working small.
I just found out that my vintage paper purses will be in the next issue of Haute Handbag. I just have to work on my article.
Next week I am teaching the art portion of summer camp at a children's therapy center . Although many of the kids have challenges , they are so eager and are so proud of what they can do. I am always inspired by them.
I saw the best bumper sticker " eye for an eye would make the entire world blind ". How true. It is easy to judge or blame .... it is harder to accept. I am not saying the world should be made of rainbows and lollipops..... the world is not and never will be. In order to live our truth, we must accept our imperfection.
Talk to you soon,

Monday, June 9, 2008

Someone save my flowers!!!!

It seems that the chipmunks in my flower beds are out to kill every last one of my flowers. I was coming home from my sons cub scout meeting , when I was greeted by dirt all over my walkway. Holes were everywhere. At least one flower a day seems to die and despite all my efforts ...... I will have a flowerless front yard!!! My littlest seems to think that they have arrived because I am reading "The wind and the willows" to him. I have not the heart to tell him otherwise. I have barely a green thumb , so this is really throwing me for a loop.

On another note.... It is so sticky and hot here on the east coast!!! This weekend my boys were enjoying a game of water gun battles , when a grand idea popped in their head. We have huge round trash cans that my husband uses for clean water when changing his fish tanks ( I stress the word clean water , not yucky bacterial infested fish water ). We filled them up so that they could fill their guns quicker ..... well my husband playfully plopped my oldest in one and he did not come out for an hour. My youngest demanded that he occupy the other one. My husband and I were no more than a foot away from them the entire time ( safety first!!). My boys had a blast....... they wanted to know if they could invite their friends over to swim in our trashcans!!!

Who needs a pool when you have resourcefulness.

Talk to you soon,


Friday, June 6, 2008

White canvas....

Although I just posted earlier today..... I had another thought. I had just purchased a bunch of canvases, ready for a few days of being productive ........ I found myself just staring at them. A few ideas flashed in my head , but nothing was jumping out. The intimidation of the bright white canvas , screaming at me!!! It was as if I was on T.V. in front of millions and someone asked me what the meaning of my life is...... and nothing comes out. I am going back to the screaming canvas and I will try to find the words ......

Talk to you soon,


Flying home

This is my new collage that I will post by late afternoon today ( Friday ). It is a 12x12 so my scanner cut off a few inches. I call it flying home..... I am not sure why I am in such a mood these days. Do you ever just yearn for that familiar time that made sure your internal compass was set right. Sometimes I look around and I feel like I have just landed on this planet and have not gotten up to speed. My little hidden secret is that I really want to live in a little coastal town where I have an account at the general store ...... I could ride my bike ( with a basket and bell !) everywhere and you didn't really have to lock your doors ....... everyone respected each other and respected the differences that made us human. Oh what a dream!! Does this place exist. I will keep hope in my heart.
Talk to you soon,

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

This is a new
piece in my shop.

I love the little
chunky canvases!

I have just had an a-ha moment. I was reading anther blog ( miss Tracey over at The vintage sister.... wish I knew how to put links in because I would right now ), and she mentioned her rose bushes were being eaten by chipmunks! I was beginning to think that everything I touched was dying ..... my rose bushes did not bloom and all the flowers I have planted have been eaten! I happen to know that a little chipmunk family has a home in my rock wall. I see at least 3 or 4 at a time. What to do ??? Oh well.... at least I know it is not just me!!

Love those a-ha moments ..... I hope to have many more to clear my mind.

Talk to you soon,