Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My class was super!!

My class tonight was so great. To all those who came.... Thank you! Everyone was very enthusiastic and my fear of being Charlie Brown's teacher did not come true ( There is always that fear when talking in front of people!!). There was a good mix of people .... I love that many had never tried collage and I hope they continue.

I think sometimes people ( including myself) can be intimidated by the entire umbrella of Art. There is a stigma attached to what we think we as artists should be , do and say. I think that anyone with a vision of their " Truth" ( whatever it may be ) has the potential to achieve greatness in their artist self. It is the process, the journey , the work that lead us to the creation. There is an artist in all of us...... we just have to find it.

Talk to you soon!



Julie C. said...

Amen sister!! I hope our paths cross again sometime soon!

Livecreations said...

I agree