Friday, December 28, 2007

A gift for myself.......

It is not often that I make something just for me , so over the holidays I made this collage just for me. It has the image of my two little guys walking to a home. I think it represents the journey they are making in their life .
I love it and smile everytime I see it.
Talk to you soon!

Hello again!!!

I have been very busy these past few weeks. My kids had a great holiday . I was just as excited as they were Christmas morning. I have put together so many lego sets that I am seeing double!! I hope you enjoyed your holiday as well.

My mother past away the week before Christmas and although it has been 2 years now, I still have a hard time ....... Christmas will always be bitter sweet for me . I always get a little teary when I hear Judy Garland sing " Have yourself a merry little Christmas.... let your heart be light".

On to the new year.......I have not really thought about what resolutions I want to make. In this past year I have started my etsy shop, had a successful gallery show at my favorite store here in Frederick " The Muse " ( thanks Whitney! ), taught a few workshops and had some pieces selected for a few magazines !!!!! A very , very good year !!!!! I guess I want to continue expanding my artwork...... I would love to do a show and I want to try my hand at wood block printmaking. Thanks for all the support everyone and the best to you all in the new year!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

These are my new bookmarks that I have in my etsy shop. I love making them ..... partly because they are quick and fun .

These are also my kids gift projects for Christmas this year. They are making a bookmark for everyone they need to give a gift to . I usually pick one project and have them do it for everyone. I purchased a laminater(?) over the summer and was dying to use it somehow.

I also need to get back to doing more mixed media and assemblage pieces ( my love ). I love using found materials , they speak volumes in a piece and have such energy.

Although we still have a few more weeks until Christmas, do not stress over gift giving. I love the homemade bread my neighbor gives me and warm wishes for the holiday always lifts me up.

Take Care!