Friday, August 28, 2009

some new work

Here are two new pieces I just finished. The glue is barely dry ( my scanner might need a good cleaning.) These are about 5x7 in size . I am going to post them in my etsy shop until next week. Hope you like them.

Talk to you soon,

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Slow goes it......

I have been sloooowly getting some new work finished. I like working on about 5 collages at a time. It does my creative brain good to jump from one project to the next and back again. I have a tendency to get excited about a project.... begin it.... and 1/2 way through I just do not want to look at it anymore. So I guess I am telling you that I should have alot of new work to show you very soon.

Above is another photo manipulation into a negative. I am soooo excited because I have been wanting to incorporate some of my old family photos into my work. I always have issue with using pictures of someone because I feel like...... they did not ask me to do it, and maybe they would rather not have their picture in my artwork. However , if I use the negative image.... it is not as recognizable and it is altered enough that I am not disrespecting them. Does that make sense. I also like using imagery that is not tooo attached to something specific. The couple above translates into an idea rather than specific people.
I am off to get busy.
Talk to you soon,

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More computer manipulation........

I am addicted now to doing this. I like the effects and think they are fun pictures for the boys room. Ofcourse the originals are so much more meaningful, however I really like this .
Talk to you soon ( not as soon as the last post however!) See post below.

New stuff ..........

Ok where do I start...... I was playing around with my computer ( which I know nothing about by the way!) and I changed some of the colors on some of my pieces. Check them out!

This little head was in white originally, but wow do I love it this way.

This piece is actually a new piece shown below in red.
( Do not tell , but I like it this way much better!)

Look at that Blue! Love it!

This is my favorite..... I think I will make prints of these.

Let me know what you think.......... this is a lesson to never shutter your curiosity, even if you have no idea what you are doing!
Talk to you soon!

Monday, August 24, 2009

As promised......

Well, the boys are off to school ..... all eyes are dry ( mine and theirs ). They were a bit nervous, however they stayed strong and did not look back. Fingers crossed the day went well.

Yesterday I went to my favorite little tag sale shop. I bought some treasures and browsed all the wonderful things. Below is a picture of one of the little buildings called " The cottage".

How can you resist such a warm welcome with a little salt box home!

Here is a look of some things inside "The Barn "

Do you not just love the use of old doors.

This is a picture of the shore again. It is a favorite house that was just around the corner from our house. Over the hedges is the bay. Ahhhhh I can smell the salt air .

I will leave you with some pictures of some new work. They might look the same however they are both uniquely different. These will head out to some shops this week.

Talk to you soon,

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Many changes ahead.......

I love this picture....... his little footsteps with the entire world ahead of him. School starts soon , and I am in serious denial about how old my guys really are. I will stay strong and not have a tearful goodbye..... all the while I am thinking ...... does this get any easier?

I am working on a few pieces ...... they will be ready to show you soon ( maybe tomorrow). I am going to my favorite little Tag sale , shabby chic barn store place ........ and I will be sure to show some pictures as well.

So , I am planning on being very organized with my creativity while the boys are in school ( really !). I also will be doing some more volunteer service in the community. I am going to work with the advocates for homeless families again. This time I will work with the kids on some holiday cards. I also have been thinking about taking this a step further , however I dare not mention the details because right now it is still my little dream . I will keep you posted.

Talk to you soon,


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I need to just dive in.........

Just like my little guy here all ready to go with his blue goggles . I thought I would be so full of umpf since it has been 3 weeks since I have worked on a thing. I have to say , I am dragging a bit. I think my brain is still at the shore...... and it does not want to come back!
Goggles on ...... head down...... I am going in!
Talk to you soon,

Monday, August 17, 2009

Look what I found......

I was in Pier 1 today on a whim..... and I fell in love with a million things.

Just love this pillow. It is only $19.95. I just might have to pick this one up.

I love this chair. It is so cute!

Love this table . It is really sturdy. How could I have forgotten about Pier 1.
Although I did not purchase any of these things...... I know they are there and one day ..... they could be mine!!!
Talk to you soon,

Sunday, August 16, 2009

We are home.......

We made it in just last night. I was so sad to leave our beach house . It was the best time . We went to Bayhead , NJ..... yes New Jersey. Most would not think it was the place to go for a beach , however this is a little pocket of pure gold. It reminds me of the little New England towns I have always dreamt of living in. Most of the people rent for the entire summer or they remain the summer homes to many from New York , North Jersey and Philadelphia.

The transportation of choice was a beach cruiser..... the brighter the color the better. I only wished I had a basket and a bell. I love the idea of jumping on your bike ( in flipflops non the less) and riding everywhere.

I have over 2 memory cards filled with pictures to sort through...... the boys had such a great time.

Although I am still wanting to be there....... I am glad to get back to being creative. It has been atleast 3 weeks and I really feel it. So , maybe mid week I will have some new things to share.

Talk to you soon,