Monday, March 31, 2008

New collage...

This is a new collage I posted in my etsy shop. I was inspired by a farm near by just before a storm. Everything had a quite , calm feeling .......

Talk to you soon, Courtney

Sunday, March 30, 2008

New work and new treasures....

I went antiquing with my son, and found a booth that had the best old documents. This is one of my great treasures. It is a stock exchange check from 1932. I also found checks from 1927 and a whole ledger book from 1940. They are all so beautifully aged and I can not wait to start using them. Of course I copy all of my precious documents. I would hate to alter the originals. The man who owned the Antique Mall commented on how beautiful the check was..... so strange how despite the many years between our ages there was a common appreciation for a time much different than now. It made me think about how different things are for those that remember the "not so high tech" world. How scary it must be ........ despite the many differences we have with those around us , the human connection will always remain the most impressionable and the most powerful.

Well, I call this piece "Family Portrait". I seemed to be a bit obsessed with chairs and such. I just love them and really love the personalities each has. This piece will be available at "The Muse" in Frederick, MD. I think I will make prints for my etsy shop.

Talk to you soon,


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Where do I belong????

( Here are some new pieces I have added to the shop , however they are sold!!! )

Often, I find myself in a crowded coffee shop , at the park or even at my sons school and I am the only person who is not deep in concentration over their mini typewriter. Yes I know this is what they call "texting". I am in my late thirties and somehow I have missed the boat on the latest technology. Now I have always been a bit stubborn, and I chose not to take computer graphics in school and I still have a romantic view of letter writing. I still need that physical connection with things. I still believe that you can not truly replace film in photographs despite the digital ease. Am I the only one standing still in time?? My hands really show the love I have for paper and texture and process. Perhaps that is why I love using vintage letters and books in my work. The things left behind in this world really tell the stories of all that have touched it. Yes I have been able to start a blog and I am more than surprised that I can manage my etsy store........ I am content with my knowledge ........ there is nothing better than that exchange in energy to feel truly connected to the world.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

New rooms.....

These are some new additions to my shop. I work much faster and more efficient if I have more than one project going. If I have hours to spend on one item...... I will use up the entire time. I love doing these little rooms. In a way , they feel like my little hide out I had as a kid. A secret space for only me to see the world as I wanted. I hope you enjoy.

Talk to you soon! Courtney

Monday, March 17, 2008

This is my 2nd addition to my series of chair portraits. I call her " Olivia" . I am working on two more and hope to have two additional " rooms with a view " canvas pieces very soon.

On another note , I was thinking today about the kind of person I want to be . You often hear new parents say " I want to be this kind of parent" or " If this happened I would react like this ". We are the type of person we are without thinking ....... when we react it comes from the center of our soul ..... at times there is no time to think about what we do or say..... we act. This heavy thinking is brought on by a " family crisis " I am whirling in with one of my siblings. My mother would usually have taken care of matters , but she passed away 2 years ago ........ . It is hard to be the person you " say " you are when you are in the middle of Chaos. You just are and at the end of the day , that is what you must be able to live with. It has occurred to me that the actions must change for the words to be true....... never lose hope .We must be willing to work hard on soul searching .......... and I am off on my journey.

Talk to you soon, Courtney

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New work

This is my first in the series of "Chairs". I call this "Victoria". I am not sure why, I looked at it and that was the name I thought of. I like using the pink and blue. It is a bit out of my comfort zone with color....... but I survived. I needed to expand a bit...... I needed to try something new.

It gets hard when we do the same things everyday , our routine is like an old friend. We depend on it, rely on it. I need my coffee in the morning as I watch the today show in peace before the boys wake up. I enjoy my chai tea in the afternoon while I fold laundry and play a game with my funny bunny still with me at home. Certain times of the day just follow a pattern without me even noticing. So strange..... I thought of myself as so flexible..... roll with the punches type person. I look at it now as very predictable ..... I need to know what lies ahead to feel comfortable. What a surprise. Our own perception of who we really truly are can be so foggy , imagine if we could all find clarity. Imagine what the world would look like....... imagine what the world could be.

Talk to you soon,


Monday, March 10, 2008

Cafe press shop

I just finished adding my images onto products on cafe press. You can click on the upper right hand link. I wish I new how to put images on to show you. Hmmmm..... I am getting better at this technical stuff , but there is too much to learn!!

Talk to you soon!


Saturday, March 8, 2008

New thoughts

Here is a 2nd piece in my new series " A room with a view ". I posted it and sold it quicker than I could blink. I am working on more and want to make prints . It is a real change for me . I am also working on a series of chairs ....... I think I am going to make these small and I love the idea that chairs take on the persona of people. So my thoughts are to have these be portraits in a sense. The chair will have its own personality and name ......... it will be fun for me. I like thinking hmmmm if my name were Estelle what would I wear!!!! I am a neutral kind of girl and wear no jewelry , so this will be a real departure for my personality.

I am so very tired today and am dreading turning the clocks ahead ......... I get very little sleep as it is and now I am taking one precious hour away!!!! The dark circles are getting harder to cover , especially in the morning. I fear that someone from my sons school will start whispering and the dreaded dark glasses will come out. Sometimes I wish I could borrow some time and keep it in a box for those days when you really need it. I think there was a song about this very thing........... only it was a bottle .

Enjoy your day ............ and keep your chin up . The lost hour just means more of the day to get those endless things done. Talk to you soon!


Monday, March 3, 2008

Treasure hunt

Today my littlest guy and I went on a treasure hunt on a wooded path near our house. It was a sunny beautiful day..... you could smell spring in the air. He had good intentions of finding flowers to place all over the house, however he settled on finding sticks and roots. We found this lovely mini tree and thought it would look lovely in our living room coming out of our collection of sea glass and snail shells. He will be off to kindergarten next year and I will not have these special moments ( or at least not as many), when finding sticks in the woods and spending time with your mom makes it " the best day ever!". So along with the above picture , I have sticks all over my house as decorations. To my funny bunnies ( both of them ) , who make finding sticks in the woods more valuable than gold! Enjoy your day and embrace these " perfect moments ".

Talk to you soon,