Friday, July 11, 2008

I need inspiration.....

I read once that Tennessee Williams would write everyday no matter what. I guess eventually the inspiration will come. I work everynight and usually I feel very productive. For the last week or so it just has not come to me. Everything I have been trying has just been yuck!! So often I feel caught between the artist I am and the artist I "think" I should be....... I need to take the "think " out of the equation and just be . I need the " who cares what people think " attitude, however I need to apply that to myself. We will See what today might bring.

I am off to take the boys to the library for a " buggy adventure" and then Clifford ( the big red dog) is coming. My eight yr.old is just thrilled that he must tag along for his brother! We will put down the light sabers and try for a bit to enjoy the innocence of life instead of defeating Darth Vader!

Talk to you soon!


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The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Hi Courtney,
It sounds like you need a break! Take some time away and I bet ideas will come to you. Sometimes I get into a rut when I find that I am trying too hard to make paintings to sell, instead of painting to make me happy.
We all have dry spells so don't sweat it!
Enjoy the library....a great place to find inspiration by the way.