Friday, May 8, 2009

More little Paint chip homes

I just love working in this size and utilizing my little paint chips. Although the yellow house is not quite as neon as it appears. My scanner color is really off. These will be at the Muse next week sometime. I hope to have more for my etsy shop really soon!
Side note: I was a sub today for kindergarten. I am so exhausted and I feel as if my brain is mush. I have even more respect for all the teachers who do this everyday and especially with a smile!
Talk to you soon!


veronica said...

Beautiful pc houses. Did you check my blog to see the other two in the paint chip fun project? There's some other cool paint chip creations. See ya !

julie king said...

how clever are you using paint chips???!!! love the idea and also the house pieces!

Kim Hambric said...

I have about 5 billion paint chips -- all my rooms are different colors and I need about 40 choices for each room.

I love houses of all shapes and styles.

Yet, I would never have thought to combine the two into art.

Love your work.