Friday, May 15, 2009

Another new piece

This is another new collage on wood. It is now at "The Muse" in Frederick. I like working with this color pallette. I think it is a departure from alot of my other work.

The class went great. I loved how focused everyone was, and their mini collages turned out wonderful. It always makes it easier to teach when everyone is really excited to try new things.

Busy weekend ahead. We have a cub scout campfire pack meeting , baseball games and birthday parties. On Monday I am off to the Baltimore zoo for my Kindergartner's field trip....... I am only thankful that I did not get selected to ride the 50 min. on the school bus!!!

Talk to you soon!



Kelcey said...

I love the delicacy of this one combined with the earthy colors... :)

julie king said...

very nice. i particularly like the white field across the bottom. i too feel like i get in a terrible rut with my color palette selection. i have to push myself to do something different.

enjoy the zoo and i'm with you on the bus rid thing. that does not sound like fun!