Monday, May 4, 2009

I love those paint swatches.....

I love walking into the paint department and browsing through all the paint swatches. I would not dare put many on my walls , however I love love love the colors! I grab a handful every time. So I have many of these paint swatches and decided to use them. I love the little window cutouts. I just put these in my etsy shop. I have 2 more coming by the end of the week , maybe in a rich gold or bright pink.... hmmmm .
It is raining here and will be the entire week. I have finished my chores so off I go to start a busy day creating!!!
Talk to you soon,


CDScott said...

Great use of the paint swatches. They look right at home on the walls of your collage houses! Perfect!

veronica said...

I can't believe this !!!!!!!! I just launched my "Paint Chip Fun Project" on my blog and then I click here and I see this !!!! Please, pleasee, check my blog ASAP and tell me if I can use this image for my project or if you want to participate with another one. Wow, was a coincidence !!!

Jennifer DeDonato said...

They look about some great colors!! They look perfect with your artwork.

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

I agree! Great use of paint swatches. I've used a few in my collages too and the color can't be rich.
It's been raining non stop here too. Blah! I know only too soon we will be moaning about the heat and lack of rain...never happy, right?
Enjoy your night!