Tuesday, April 28, 2009

While cleaning my son's room, I found the above on his dresser. The meds bottle was in the recycling bin ( which anything is up for grabs for art projects, light sabers, gadgets.... etc. ). He calls it his potion. He adds a little bit of something everyday. So far there is water, tissue, toothpaste, lotion ..... maybe salt and who knows what else. He checks it everyday to see what happens..... I am not sure if there is a goal in mind . Boys are soooo funny about there little things : Buttons,rocks,sticks,scraps of metal, potions etc. . Maybe he will be a doctor and find cures to disease, maybe he will be a scientist and discover something new...... and maybe he will be my little guy with his little potion that fascinates only him...... and tickles my heart always! What ever his future holds, he is a unique little man with bright eyes!

Talk to you soon,


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