Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Break is here.....

Baseball season has begun. My youngest ( center) is playing for the first time. It should be fun !

We went to the National Zoo...... it was a wonderful weather so the crowds were out. I was a bit disappointed that we saw no bears . I love the Polar Bears and the Brown Bears and they were not there at all . No giraffes either. My youngest is going to the Baltimore Zoo for a fieldtrip so maybe we will see them there.

Look how serious he is. I think he was trying to race the bear! He is too tall so being a jockey is not in his future.

Happy Easter!
Talk to you soon!


The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Cute pictures Courtney. I love the National Zoo and free too!! Both of your boys look tall.

I know what you mean about the novelty wearing off. My kids are fighting already and I don't think there are any amount of crafts that will consume the next week.

Enjoy your Easter weekend!

julie king said...

what a handsome young man he is! i love zoos that have polar bears swimming and you can stand up close to the close and see them swim past! how disappointing that you didn't get to see any!

have a wonderful easter weekend!