Monday, April 27, 2009

Just finished this one.... it will be in the shop later today. It is so odd that my art tends to be very colorful , yet my home is so neutral....hmmmm. I am sure someone could analyze this and give me a reason.

We had a very busy weekend full of baseball games and birthday parties. My oldest son climbed a pine tree at his brothers baseball game, finding out later that it was covered with poison ivy. Despite our immediate scrub down with some anti poison wash..... he has a rash. Poor guy.

We got my Mt. Bike out of storage .... rode it once 10 yrs ago , got pregnant..... and it had been in storage ever since. It was like new, and the entire family went on bike ride along the C&O canal.
It was a nice day for all of us.

I love when spring first arrives..... everything seems so hopeful. I have many plans and projects to complete, and hopefully some new things to add to my shop.

Talk to you soon,


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Fuzzy Brush said...

Courtney, I just found your blog and love your work...think I will have to 'follow' it! Thoughts from the brush...doris