Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Someone throw me a life jacket!!!!

Above is a picture of a piece in progress...... I have about 5 of these babies in the works. They are not my average size , but 16x 24 and larger. I am swimming in projects with deadlines and I am in desperate need of a life jacket!!! Usually I like to work under pressure , however I am having trouble focusing. Granted the kids have been home for spring break and my work time has really been cut in 1/2. I need to declutter my brain. For me , it is like the dishes are in the sink and I will not sleep unless I know they are done and my kitchen is clean. Seems strange but organizing the things around me really helps me organize my thoughts. Tomorrow the kids go back to school..... so , I am hoping the day will be productive! Cross your fingers for me though!
Talk to you soon,


Jennifer DeDonato said...

I understand about work and being home with kids during Spring Break. We had ours two weeks ago and nothing got done in the studio. I can't focus. I like your large sizes and what a cute little read chair!

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

sending you a like raft...to float away on for a bit:)
My kids are home this week so i've got nothing done. Oh well, this is why we have kids, right?

julie king said...

all my fingers and toes are crossed but i know you won't need it. try taking a walk to clear your head. it alawys helps me shake off that stressed out feelings and gain a bit of clarity!

take care!

Cathy Nichols Art said...

Pretty, pretty! And, wow, you design chairs as well. Cool!