Thursday, April 23, 2009

Something new.....

This is a new piece that is bit larger than my usual work. I made a few of these wood boxes and although I find working big is much more time consuming and intimidating , it was nice to try it.
I have 2 more that will be completed by Sunday. The other 2 have a far different composition than the usual suspects you might see in my shop. I wanted to try, try , try to list something every week on etsy...... however I have really not met up to my expectations.
I am really excited about my next batch of pieces. I had my husband cut some wood squares and I am going to work on them as a group ...... it will be a series .
Artist note:
**** Have you ever looked at some of your early work and not recognized it as your own?? Is that not the freakiest thing ever!
Talk to you soon,


Sarah said...

Your work is so wonderfully whimsical! I love especially the collage of the sheet music. It also seems like the roots beneath the trees are like little gift tags, announcing these trees as a present to all of us.

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All the best,
Sarah at

veronica said...

Beautiful Courtney! I love how the roots of the trees turn out into houses, kind of like a little paralel underground city.

Ièm also a mixed media artist, would you mind to stop by and leave a comment so I know you were there ? Many thanks.