Thursday, February 19, 2009

New things.....

I just finished this little house today. This will be sold for charity. It will be in I am not sure when it will be posted..... I will have to give you an update. This charity will benefit a single mother in Haiti and the money will help her build a home.

This piece is in my shop right now. I call it The Family meeting.
I also have added some more prints. I just took a bunch of stuff out to send to a store in Tallahassee " The Humidity Gallery". My work seems to be doing better in person than online at the moment. I hope to have another update soon.
I just picked my youngest up from school. He threw up in class. I am preparing myself for the worst.
Talk to you soon,


Allison said...

Thank you Courtney for your generous donation to Building Dreams. The Canvas art is now listed and can be viewed at

Thanks for helping to make someone's dream come true!

Cathy Nichols said...

beautiful work, courtney! and you are so kind to use your painting of a home to help someone build one of their own. xo

Jennifer DeDonato said...

I love your chairs!! Your work is so awesome.

Zanna said...

I love your artwork!!!

Alisa said...

Love these!

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Ewww, so sorry to hear about the throwing up. Last spring my kids had THE virus where they threw up for five days straight. If they never get sick again, I think it would be fair:) I hope your son feels better soon.

The new house piece is awesome and for a great cause. I wish her luck!