Friday, February 27, 2009

It is Friday !!!

I have listed the following little collages in my etsy shop. I did some different kinda things with these little pieces. I hope you like them.

This week seems like it has been soooo long. It started out crazy and seems to be ending as such. Thursday I went into my kids school to volunteer and when we arrived there were firetrucks everywhere. During drop off.... a minivan lost control and drove into the front of the building. Thank God there were no kids walking into school at the time. The mother was flown to Baltimore ...... the school did a great job with directing the kids and parents and by 10:00 am things were back to normal, however everyone seemed shaken a bit. I ended up being a sub for my sons class as the instructional assistant. Today my oldest came home with a 102.5 fever and I had to spend my evening sitting on the dirty cafeteria floor with my youngest watching Madagascar 2 for the Family Fun night at the school . I can not complain..... it is 10:00 and everyone is asleep and I can sip my tea and relax, tomorrow is but another day!
Talk to you soon,


CDScott said...

I love the clouds - it that stitching I see? Very cool.

julie king said...

i'm loving the tall, skinny houses. wonderful!!!!!

Arhagle said...

ha-ha very nice

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