Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Birdies coming soon.....

No. 1 Bird

No. 2 Bird
I am having fun with my new linocut birds. Unfortunately I can never be satisfied with just the ink and paper...... I have the need to embellish and I am o.k. with this. I struggled for a long time with process and method. This can really translate into everything in life. We all see things within this box that " people" ( I loved to know where they meet to make all the rules!) seem indicate how things should be done. For some things... yes , there is a definite way to do them. However for most we have our individual insight to do what is right for us.
So , I add paper to my linocut. What might you do today that is somewhat out of the box???
Talk to you soon,


Jennifer DeDonato said...

Your birds always rock!


CDScott said...

Everyone should do something outside the box every day. Even if it is your own little box that you constructed. Others may not even know that you are in your box. Get out of it! You can always go back in if you have to. But once outside, you might like it there.