Friday, January 2, 2009

New work...

These are two mini collages...... I think they are 5x5 in size. They would be so cute on a little easel. I have been in a bird kinda mood . I go through cycles with my work. I do a bunch of tree collages, then houses, birds..... and a few rooms and chairs here and there. I am working on an abstract piece...... I am intending this to be for my own home but we will see.
I have all of my linoleum blocks and carving materials ready to start making my print blocks. I love printmaking. I took classes in college and really loved it. I have wanted to try it again, but something always got in the way..... so now that I mentioned it on my post I must follow thru right!!!!
Today is filled with play dates, grocery shopping, laundry, and I plan on squeezing in alot of studio time even if it has to be when all others are asleep!!!
Talk to you soon,

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