Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A new little chair.....

This is another itty bitty Valentiny collage ( 2.5 x 3 ) I have the cutest little easel for it.

I felt the need to do another chair piece. My house is so neutral you would never know that I love color. I like to do these little rooms because in my dreams I am there. I love the blue in this piece . I did a paper swap with another artist and she gave me this wonderful handmade blue paper. I had the background finished for almost a year but did not know what to do with it. I think it knew that the right paper and composition would come in time. Sometimes I do not always know this ........ funny how these things work . This will be in my shop tomorrow.
It is cold and snowy here in Maryland. The kids had another day off ( I love em but I need them to get back to school!!!) . My littlest is at a Friends and this is his first "playdate" without Mommy. He has been to a good friends before without me , however he has known them since he was 6 mos. old. So far, no phone calls ...... my how they are growing.
Talk to you soon,