Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Music...

I am still not as technically savvy as some of my other blogger friends. I go to the blogs and hear great music and see links and such..... one day. In fact I am going to dedicate January ( maybe February too) as my get my blog together month.

This is my intention not my promise. I will do my best. I do want to tell you that my husband got me the new CD from the Killers and Cold Play. I just love them ! The Killers remind me of my old new wave , pretty in pink days! Ahhhh those were the days. Anyway, if I were savvy in technology.... you might be hearing their songs or at least see a link to a site. Sorry. The month has just begun.

Talk to you soon,



Jenn said...

Courtney...MORE that we have in common!! I love the Killers SO much and exactly for the same reason...they are so fabulously 80's sounding!!! aahhhhh...the salad days:):):)

Happy new year:)


The Vintage Sister Studio said...

My kids and I sing to the Killers in the car all the time...maybe not the best music for kids but I can only listen to Kidz Bop for so long before I start to twitch:)

It took me a long time to add little features to my blog too. Technology and I are not good friends. Everything I have done turned out to be really easy...the problem is usually ME!

Have a great day Courtney!