Saturday, January 24, 2009

Let me tell you about my Saturday!!!!

This is how it goes:

8:00 Wake up ( yes I did sleep in a bit, its Saturday!)

8:30 make cupcakes ( I needed time to drink my coffee. Why cupcakes??
My kids have tons of Food allergies and had 2 parties to

9:00 Make breakfast, get dressed , clean up breakfast , get the boys dressed

10:15 Pinewood Derby car weigh in ( my son has his Scout Pinewood derby race

11:00 Off to Target with the boys to buy 2 gifts for B-days ( We left with 4 presents, you figure
out who got the extra 2. Moms, do not take kids to Target
to buy B-day gifts.......... go alone!)

11:40 Go to grocery store ( I have no food in the house!)

noon eat a quick bowl of soup , wrap gifts

12:40 Take 1 child to Laser Tag Party ( crazzzzzy ! Stayed to help supervise!!)

3:30 Drop 1 child off at Friends, pick another child up for Party #2 !

4:00 Party # 2 for 5 yr.olds ( crazier than 1st party. Stayed because did not know parents.
Glad I stayed but wished I did not have too! )

6:30 Arrive home in much need of coffee.

7:30 coffee , kids playing video games .......

8:00 A moment to breathe!

How was your day????


Jennifer DeDonato said...

Holy smokes! I have a Laser Tag party next Saturday...wish me luck.


carissa... brown eyed fox said...

can it not be NUTS! wow... one of those bday party shuffle weekends!

i am SO happy there are treats like coffee to help us along the way! :)