Saturday, June 28, 2008

I am back!!!!

Well we have just arrived home. We had a lovely stay in a house by the sea. Despite the large group we had with us ( in-laws, sister -in- law and family, Aunts , cousins, children of all ages ) it was a crazy, fun, loud, sandy, and a relaxing time. What it was not ....... is long enough. It seemed like a blink of an eye. My husband thought I was a bit withdrawn...... oddly enough I suppose that is how I relax. I am a people watcher and I think most comfortable just at the edge of the action. I made sure that all the clothes were washed before returning..... so I will order pizza organize my home and sleep well in my bed tonight. I have a few vintage paper/watercolor pieces I worked on. They are very simple , I will show you later this week. Hopefully I will be busy this week with some new pieces.
My boys were very excited to get back to their Lego Star Wars and Indiana Jones video games. While Daddy slept, I thought I would treat them by turning it on for them. There is a reason they do not play while I am at home ( I can not figure any electronics out !!). Apparently I pushed "new game" , my 5 yr.old howled in panic. He repeatedly said that all their hard work is now gone! I guess I cleared something and all their levels are lost. A big slap of reality to let me know I am now home!!! For now I will dream of the sea as I sip my coffee and wait for pizza.
Talk to you soon!


Jenn said...

New Game!!! Oh no!!!! My boys would have packed their bags and left;) Your trip sounds like a lovely nice to stay by the sea. There is nothing more relaxing:) Love this sweet boat collage Courtney!!

Happy Sunday to you:)

Jennifer DeDonato said...

I have totally done that to my boys. They lose it all over the place. Glad you have a good trip your boat is rockin!


The Vintage Sister Studio said...

I second Jenns comment:) I NEVER touch the PS2! Some things just need to wait for Dad. I love the new collage. I went to a flea market on Thursday and I thought of you. There was a large envelope full of letters home from a guy in the army. They all began, Dear Mom and Pop. I didn't buy them and now I wish I had:(
I'm glad you had a relaxing trip.
Welcome home!