Friday, June 6, 2008

Flying home

This is my new collage that I will post by late afternoon today ( Friday ). It is a 12x12 so my scanner cut off a few inches. I call it flying home..... I am not sure why I am in such a mood these days. Do you ever just yearn for that familiar time that made sure your internal compass was set right. Sometimes I look around and I feel like I have just landed on this planet and have not gotten up to speed. My little hidden secret is that I really want to live in a little coastal town where I have an account at the general store ...... I could ride my bike ( with a basket and bell !) everywhere and you didn't really have to lock your doors ....... everyone respected each other and respected the differences that made us human. Oh what a dream!! Does this place exist. I will keep hope in my heart.
Talk to you soon,

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The Vintage Sister Studio said...

If you find this place, let me know. I have a pink bike with a basket just ready to go! Check out my blog, the ducks have hatched. I posted super cute pictures.
Have a great weekend Courtney!