Thursday, June 12, 2008

New collage...Th

This is my newest collage. I will not have it in the shop until late tomorrow ( Friday). I just finished it and I have to wait for good lighting to take some pics. My scanner makes everything really yellow ...... I need to invest in a better one.
I am in the middle of a zillion projects. I always back myself into a corner and work furiously until I can see light. That last about a minute and back in the corner I go.
I am going on vacation in a week , so I am trying to tie up loose ends on a few things before I leave. I am taking a few small projects with me , we will see how much I get done !
Talk to you soon,

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Jenn said...

Just gorgeous Courtney!!! I love how I feel I could just walk right into one of your collages...and of course feel right at home:)

Happy weekend to you! Have a fun trip:) xoxo...jenn