Monday, June 16, 2008

what a week .......

Why is it , whenever you really have too much on your plate ...... someone always piles on 2nds! I am going on vacation with my extended family on Saturday. Before than I have a summer camp to teach, two play dates for the boys, catch up doctors appt., and two stores that I need to update with work. And if this is not enough , my husband has a sinus infection, my son has pink eye and a sinus infection...... and my little guy has started to cough ( I am in denial about the cough ). I am feeling a bit raged already and my week has not started. We have gone the entire winter with no illness, so yes we are due...... but in June before vacation!!!

I am getting out all my homeopathic remedies and crossing my fingers!! Unfortunately I will not have any new work in my etsy store for awhile. I am going to blog at least one more time before I leave. Oh well , at least I have only the above to complain about and not something truly horrific. I take what I am getting ...........

Talk to you soon,


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