Monday, June 9, 2008

Someone save my flowers!!!!

It seems that the chipmunks in my flower beds are out to kill every last one of my flowers. I was coming home from my sons cub scout meeting , when I was greeted by dirt all over my walkway. Holes were everywhere. At least one flower a day seems to die and despite all my efforts ...... I will have a flowerless front yard!!! My littlest seems to think that they have arrived because I am reading "The wind and the willows" to him. I have not the heart to tell him otherwise. I have barely a green thumb , so this is really throwing me for a loop.

On another note.... It is so sticky and hot here on the east coast!!! This weekend my boys were enjoying a game of water gun battles , when a grand idea popped in their head. We have huge round trash cans that my husband uses for clean water when changing his fish tanks ( I stress the word clean water , not yucky bacterial infested fish water ). We filled them up so that they could fill their guns quicker ..... well my husband playfully plopped my oldest in one and he did not come out for an hour. My youngest demanded that he occupy the other one. My husband and I were no more than a foot away from them the entire time ( safety first!!). My boys had a blast....... they wanted to know if they could invite their friends over to swim in our trashcans!!!

Who needs a pool when you have resourcefulness.

Talk to you soon,



Holly said...

Love that! Bet your boys had such a great time.

Sorry about the flowers. Wish I had some good advice, but hopefully someone else can save your beauties.


The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Oooo! Those little buggers! If you would like to join me in my quest to rid my garden of chipmunks, try
It's 100% organic- safe for children, pets and plants. I ordered mine the other day.

I loved your water story. We fill big buckets fore our boys to fill up their noodle guns ( they look like swim noodles with a pump gun inside) Boys can have fun with water anywhere!