Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A window , a chair and some rain.......

Well , I cleaned up the window and added some of my favorite papers. I have not the patience or the time to quilt , so this is the quick and easy version.

I put it on the top of my barn wood jelly cabinet. I love the pop of color.

The Art House Gallery in Atlanta is a really neat art co-op that has these on going art projects. I wanted to be apart of one , so I decided on the 10,000 word project. You simply submit information and your $5 fee..... and they send you a word that you must interpret. I was intrigued. I needed some stimulation and thought how perfect. I could not wait to receive my mystery word. Could it be something I would have to dig really deep for..... hmmmm.
My letter finally arrived and guess what I got????

That's right..... it says "Chair". If you know my art...... you have seen a chair or two.

Here is a new piece " A new beginning". I think this will be headed out to Whitney
at " The Muse".
Talk to you soon,

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