Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I told you that I was teaching a workshop thru the community action agency. This was a great group of gals that are well deserving of their "Dream house ". I wish them the best and offer hope for a bright future. Look how great these turned out!

Here are two new collages headed down to The Humidity Gallery in Florida.

I am busy working on some new things to show you soon!
Talk to you soon,


dkbeins said...

The houses are WONDERFUL!...maybe you could suggest the shelter turn the set of them into cards to use as a fundraiser?! They'd have to pay for the cards but heck...I'd be willing to help cover the cost of printing some cards for them. I'm sure others would too. Just a thought.

dkbeins said...

I can't believe our word is "chair"!!! How fitting. Will you make a new piece or do you have a favourite chair you'll use?