Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer Fun......

I just finished this collage and it is headed for my shop later today. I wanted to highlight all my vintage papers without covering it to much.
I have a few projects in the works for the summer. I am working on a large piece for my house which I will take my time with. I am doing some collage sewing things and I have just been recharged with inspiration from medical dictionaries and such. I love medical illustrations and I am thinking of doing some abstract collages mapping the nervous system....... hmmm.
Between teaching summer camps, my kids summer activities, vacations , birthdays...... the summer is packed ( I am already exhausted! ).
Talk to you soon,


julie king said...

i so love this piece with all the vintage ephemera and then the bright silhouettes!

CDScott said...

Love the kids & kites! Can't wait to see what you do with the nervous system...sounds interesting! Enjoyed coffee with you this week. Hope to see you again soon. Have a great weekend!

Sarah Knight said...

lovely, whimsical, & summery fun!
fantastic work!