Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lots of stuff to talk about........

Well, I always assume that everyone knows exactly how I do what I do and that is why I think what I do is not so special. So I will let you know about a few little tidbits about my method.

I love working on wood because it is a nice smooth service and really takes the abuse of my collages..... that said , it makes the pieces heavier and more costly to ship. A lot of my work has a collection of paper in it...... I like organized chaos. I like to have the craziness of many mismatched papers in the nice neat frame of a subject ( does that make sense?). I love to tint the papers with paint and oil pastels are a must ( love love love them). I used to use only matte gel medium. It is heavy and really bonds well ( very expensive ). I have recently switched to Modge Podge and ....... I really love it. I seal all my work with a Satin Varnish ( 2-3 coats ). I like to use real brushes to glue things down , not the foam brushes . I frame most of my pieces with vintage paper, maps or my favorite ...... telephone pages. I love collage because you really can never make a mistake , it is unpredictable and I am always pleasantly surprised by the outcome....... and if you do not like it , you can glue right over it!

Below are some new little bird Oval collages. I am going to take better pics tomorrow and have them in my shop by the evening ( finally some attention to my neglected little shop!) . I think they would be really cute hanging from nice ribbon.

Well another busy day tomorrow. I am playing tennis in the a.m. , and watching the kids field day around noon. Hopefully the afternoon will be open for some creative time!

Talk to you soon,



Sarah said...

Hey- thanks for the little glimpse into your method- very interesting. I am such a methoodical person I find chaos hard in my artwork- but seeing your work I know it can be beautiful so I'm working on it- one question though- where do you get all of your interesting paper? I pick some up here and there when I see something interesting but much of the paper at the craft stores seems boring or...not very versatile...anyway, just curious.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information about your work. I'm always interested in how collage artists turn bits of this and that into a finished piece. And I love that you use Modge Podge - a medium that's available just about anywhere. Thanks again for sharing.