Sunday, June 21, 2009

Now I have one !!!!!!

Well I had a great day for treasures!!! I went to a wonderful Store/Tag sale that has been right under my nose forever and I never realized. I picked up this great window ( $6) . I am not sure what I will do with it just yet, but I love it.

Would you look at these beauties!! I just love them...... and I know just what I will do with them!
The price was even better ( $3).

The best for last..... I have my very own cage doll!!! I received an early B-day present from my in-laws . Thanks to my wonderful friends for giving just the right information. I could hardly believe it . My boys decided she needed to hold the nest, and my husband placed the bird on the bottom. They call her mother nature.

More new work coming soon!
Talk to you soon,


CDScott said...

So glad you got your doll! She looks right at home in your living room. :-)

julie king said...

lucky you!! the window and old maid cards are great bargains. hope to see what you do with them one day soon. as for the cage doll, she is wonderful and looks right at home there on your table!

dkbeins said... got it! Looking forward to meeting her in person :)