Monday, August 4, 2008

High Hopes .......

My oldest ( now 8) has had severe food allergies since he was an infant. When he was 6 mos.old, he had been in the ER with several asthma attacks. He was covered with eczema and after they tested him they found that he was allergic to :

Dairy,egg, wheat, corn , beef , shellfish, soy, peanut, tree nut, sesame seeds ...... and later

Lamb,chick pea ,Dog, cat, all grasses, trees, penicillin and he has asthma.

He now can have wheat and corn . He gets hives from going outside after the grass is cut and his eyes swell and hives appear if he is around dogs. We have been careful and have really empowered him to monitor himself . He has had some close calls and been in the ER several times for cross contamination. We have had to be frank with him and let him know that it is serious and that he could die if he eats some of this food. It sounds scary to have this conversation with such a little person, however he is wise beyond his years. After being in the ER via ambulance he got the hint even without us saying anything.

Tomorrow , he is doing his 1st food challenge. His beef numbers are low enough to perhaps clear him from avoidance. We have high hopes. He is a bit nervous ( so am I ), but if nothing changes we will just wait . If the news is good..... Well hooray! It gives us another protein to give him as well as gelatin products ( contain beef ). Keep your fingers crossed for us.

In the grand scheme of things , I will take this over anything else. He is healthy , smart and very sweet. I am very lucky!

Talk to you soon,


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