Friday, August 8, 2008

Finally a new piece......

I have just put this in my etsy shop. I have a million projects in the works , I just have been so slow at finishing them. I usually take the kids out during the day and after dinner , showers , family time...... I am either so tired my work time has been very unproductive. Maybe that is too strong a word..... perhaps distracted. I hope to kick it in gear and tie up these loose ends. I need to start crossing things off my list or I am going to go crazy. Anyone else have those lists in there head that keep blinking like a neon sign?? Anyway it is a beautiful dry day and we are off to the Castle park. My boys are sooooo excited. My plan is to wear them out so that I can sneak in some time this afternoon.

Talk to you soon,


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Holly said...

Have a great time, sweet Courtney. LOVE the new piece(s). Hope the snake is gone for good.