Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Bright Sunny weekend!

It has been so beautiful this weekend, we took the boys to a favorite park for adventure. The top picture is a view of a farm ( my secret dream house! ) and the bottom is a view of the Quarry that has been filled in with water. You can walk around the entire thing on a wood deck and feed the fish and turtles. I am so exhausted , but I am going to try to squeeze in some "art"time tonight. We had our cub scout picnic earlier today and I am just beat!
After next week , I will have plenty of time to work. My kiddies will be in school ( tears welling ) and I will be a mad women at my work table.
Talk to you soon,


Jenn said...

Hi Courtney! I just love all of your new pieces. Your art is so inviting...I always want to crawl right in and spend the day.

I SO get the way you are feeling about school. I wore my huge movie star sunglasses to school this morning so that Jake couldn't see me cry!!! It is soooo hard to let them go into the big world. He absolutely amazed me today with his bravery!!!!

Sending you Mom hugs:) We'll be alright:):) xox...jenn

e.beck.artist said...

oh! today was my eye welling day ... first day back for the kids .... hopefully, no tears tomorrow .... though, i can't promise ....