Thursday, January 10, 2008

New magazine work

Well , I really do not sew and as far as fashion goes...... I wear either black , grey or brown. I love to see color and funk in clothes, I just do not wear them. Oddly enough I have submitted some altered clothing items to the Stampington and company magazines " Altered Couture" and was asked to submit more for their "Bell Armoire" magazine. I am so honored and happy. This dress will be in the Feb. issue and I am not sure yet when the other magazine will be out. I find my magazines at Borders or Barnes and Nobles. Some craft /art stores carry them too. I always get so inspired looking at all the great work and wonderful artists. I made some funky shoes with plant roots and a jacket and skirt ensemble for a funky bird lover. Thanks to all at Stampington and Company.

I can not forget to show some of my kiddies art. I love to display them all over my little house. Some of my bedroom walls are this dark blue ( they look more navy in real life than the picture because of the flash ), and the art looks just stunning against the color. I think even when they have grown I will still have these masterpieces hanging. They get a kick out of seeing their work also!

Take Care and talk to you soon!



sUz said...

hi cOurtNey,
Your dress is fabulous! Yoy are so amazingly talented! Congrats on your magazine features. I'll look for them my next trip in to a Barnes & Noble.

Please take pictures of the dress, skirt, and especially the shoes - I would SO love to see them!

Your kids' work is so much fun! I love that you have them in your bedroom - great color by the way.

iN jOy,

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

congratulations Courtney... you deserve it! That's awesome! I'll be on the lookout for the issues.

I LOVE showcasing the kids artwork too! I think it is fun!