Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ever feel uninspired???

I was very excited last night. I had put the kids to bed and could sleep in today , so I knew I could work into the wee hours of the night. I had prepped a few things earlier in the day and really liked the direction I was headed. I got all my things out and organized my projects and sat down to begin ......... and nothing. I fiddled with a few things, tried out a few things only making the good stuff I had done earlier in the day really bad. How could this be happening. I had all this wonderful time and energy and ....... surely someone had switched my hands with a fumbly , uncreative person. Right??? I desperately took a break and watched part of a bad sappy movie on T.V.......I looked through some of my Somerset Studio mags. Off to begin again with still a bit of time in the night to work and....... nothing. How uninspiring this evening turned out to be. I finally went to bed and today after cleaning the breakfast dishes, I went to my special studio closet. I opened the door prepared to see the damage I had done the night before. I took a deep breath and started working. My hands were mine again, I liked what I was doing....... had it all been a dream?

Courtney P.

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Jenn said...

happens to me ALL the time!! I have SO much activity around me...constantly...that when I finally have a quiet moment, I sometimes don't even know what to do with it:)