Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Pay it forward.........

We hear the saying all the time, and can even watch a movie dedicated to this very thing. How many of us do this on a daily basis??? I am not talking about the grand gestures you might do once a year , or perhaps during the holidays. I am not talking about donations or monetary offerings....... how many of us on a daily basis think about doing a good deed for another.

Instead of thinking about those in obvious need, think about the person next to you in line at the store. A simple gesture can change the course of anyone's day. It offers a bit of hope when we can connect on a personal level in what is becoming such an impersonal place.

Do it for selfish reasons..... it will make you feel good and could make the day of someone else a bit brighter..... what power we have if we would only use it.

If you are in a bad mood or the world is just not spinning right..... try PIF and see how it effects you.

Look the cashier in the eye and say " Hello " , let someone go ahead of you in line, tell someone they left their car lights on........ look around and notice that the world is here and it is not just for you alone.

Have a great day!!!!! Courtney P

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Livecreations said...

Hi Courtney,

good post, I call it walking the love walk, we should do this kind of thing all the time... :)