Monday, October 29, 2007

Little miracles

Are the grand gestures in life really as important as the little miracles?? Often when searching for an answer or help , we ask " please give me a sign that this is the right thing" ...... and then we wait. Are we waiting for the heavens to open and lightning to crash? Will a big billboard say " Yes , you are right! " . Often and I venture to say never ,does this happen.

However, are there tiny moments when a feeling comes over us to say... you will be o.k. . Look outside the window and suddenly notice the most beautiful little bird perched just for you to enjoy. A butterfly flutters around you and you feel like giggling. You look down and there is a shiny penny, heads up ,just for you. Need the correct change and in your pocket.... it is exact. These seem so minor yet somehow uplifting..... could these be the grand gestures that we are looking for? Hope ....... it is a funny thing and when you are looking
you find it in the smallest of places.

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