Sunday, October 7, 2007

Finding Inspiration

I have this box of old letters. They were my mothers from college. I found them a year ago . She had just passed away from a short but difficult time with Cancer. I was packing up her house , and I stumbled across them. At first ,I could not believe that she could keep these after so many years. Then I realized that these were a gift.
These letters give me such inspiration. The life they represent, the history they speak of...... you do not find this , it finds you. I treasure these and love just looking at them. They are a marker of time , something we all hope we can leave behind.
I copy most of them to use , I could not bear to part with them. There are a few that I have passed on in some pieces. I think it adds a bit of magic .
Words on paper........ does it represent a person? I believe it represents a life.

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