Saturday, September 29, 2007

Perfect Moments

These are moments that are few and far between. I treasure each one and hang onto it until the next.

I woke this morning to the crisp air of the new fall day. The windows had been left open, it was chilly but not cold. A good chilly, the kind that gives you energy. My two boys soon followed me ( age 7 and 4 ). I never no quite what side of the fence they will be on and if they will be there together!!!! They quickly started playing cars...... no requests or demands. A perfect time for fresh coffee. I watched like a fly on the wall as I sipped my coffee. The breeze was so fresh. It is the smell of hope I believe. I tried to talk to the boys , but I was invisible. A good kind of invisible mom..... the kind that lets you treasure the moment of little boys and matchbox cars.

My perfect moment lasted for 60 min., and then life kind of took over. It was enough for the day..... and maybe enough for tomorrow too.

Enjoy your perfect moments!


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Anonymous said...

beautifully stated! I treasure every quiet moment I have for myself.