Thursday, October 18, 2007

Little boxes

I love little boxes. Something about them just makes me feel ...... what is the word, content. I am working on a few of these little boxes and I am not really sure what they will hold or what someone else will put in them. Just knowing there is a place for your things leaves me with a good feeling. Don't we all just want that...... a place for our things be it material or otherwise.

I think I have passed this obsession on to my two little boys. They have little boxes of their own to hold their treasures...... and when I say treasures , I mean old screws, buttons , smooth rocks , scrap paper ....... even a lamp fennel my son thinks is solid gold! I hope they keep their little boxes forever, I know I will .

Coming soon , a tutorial in photo transfer projects and how to make your kids art home accessories. What fun!!!

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