Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What have I been up to.......

Well, aside from trying to get over this annoying cold ( not enough to keep me down , just enough to make it difficult!!!) I made over an antique dresser. It was in my apartment in college and I left my more modern dresser behind in exchange for this one. It used to have an old mirror attached however during many moves , it got destroyed. It was originally a dark oak color. I found it with a teal blue antique finish over the top. I have since put a white wash over it, and just recently added the draw fronts.

What do you think? I found the knobs at Micheal's for $1 each. They are soooo cute. I think it goes well with my window picture frame.

Some work in progress...... I was itching to do some more dimensional work.

I scanned a bunch of my vintage papers and then inverted the colors. I love the results.
It looks like 6 more weeks of winter......... and we have snow on the way.
Talk to you soon,


CDScott said...

Hi CP - Love the dresser. You have been busy! I was in the Muse today and saw a few of your things. Hope you feel better soon.

Mary Wadsworth said...

Looks really good, love the draw fronts and pulls.