Friday, February 19, 2010

My Dream house......

I have always dreamed of living on a farm or at least in a farmhouse. I used to babysit on farms as a teenager. I loved it ...... something about the sweet smell of hay mixed with the age of a simple life nearly lost in modern times.

I found this house in Country Living. I think it is in upstate NY. I love the Hudson Valley region so this would be perfect. Can you imagine flowers along the porch in the spring.... lovely.

Yes I now have an obsession with numbers and letters. I can not help myself. This was an interior found in Real Simple..... I love the large letter N. My vintage yellow letter B should be arriving soon. I will send you pics later.
Talk to you soon,

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jodi of the creative JAR said...

have an obession with numbers and letters as well. i have started to redo all my home decor and plan on having a wall with such. i like farm houses too :)