Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Snow and more Snow!!!!

Here in Maryland we are getting hit hard with the white stuff. We have barely dug out from the weekend storm ...... and today we are set to get hit again with another 12-18 inches!!!! Crazy!!

My boys proudly display their under snow hide out. You can not see the entry , but they worked very hard to dig this. Good job fellas!

This is a view from my basement door ....... I can not imagine what it will look like in the morning! I went to the grocery store yet again to stock up. I think the kids will be out of school for this week...... too bad they will have no spring break left! My son's winter boot ripped apart at the heel, poor guy. Do you think I could find a pair of snow boots???? Of course not! So we are using our resources...... duck tape!

Just finished this piece.

Still working on this one.

Here is one I am working on just for me....... but who knows, I might let someone else enjoy it.
If you are in the east coast area, bundle up and get ready!
Talk to you soon,


Alisa said...

I love your work!

We don't get snow here, so it looks like a lot of fun!

The Vintage Sister said...

I can't believe more snow!!! It's 5:00 here and ours didn't start yet but the kids have off tomorrow. They're already fighting. Help!

I was looking for snow boots for myself and gloves for Jake but didn't have any luck either. However, if I wanted a bathing suit for the snow, I would have been set:)

Stay warm:)