Friday, July 10, 2009

Time is just buzzing by.....

I have had a busy week and have neglected my little blog. I am gearing up to teach my summer camp at the community college next week. I hope the kids will enjoy the many projects I have planned..... you never quite know .

I took the boys to Hershey Park ( theme park around .... you guessed it chocolate!!!) yesterday. They had a blast. Thank god my brother and sister and law came to ride on all the big rides with the kids that I am too chicken to get on!!

I have some new things to show..... I will post pictures tomorrow. I have added nothing to my shop and since sales have been sooooo sloooow, I have not had motivation to add much. I am doing well in the stores, so that has been where my focus has been. I will recharge after this coming week.

Talk to you soon!


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