Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oh those little boys........

Thought I would write a quick post..... no pictures . It is rainy here so I might get some art work finished later .

I have 2 boys that I adore ....... they play hard and on clear days they are outside until I have to drag them in! Yesterday I heard the basement door open. They had come in from playing outside with the neighborhood pack of friends ( all boys). I had gone to the stairs to check on them making sure they were o.k. and to see what they were getting into. There it was.... the smell. If you have boys you know what I am talking about. It is the sweet smell of " Dirty boy" . If they are in a pack it becomes overwhelming. My nose was telling me that there were more than just my two.... I prepared myself .... I took a deep breath .... and down I went. There they were , just 4 , however the room was in a huge bubble of that smell that follows little boys knee high into summer. How do I describe this....... it is like the wind only after it was dragged through a swamp. Although you would not make a perfume out of the stuff, I do treasure it. It is the sent of their age and at this rate...... it will be gone only too soon.

Talk to you soon,



julie king said...

this is the sweetest post!! it brings back so many memories of the smell, the boys in the house, the noise, the non-stop eating! i miss it all, still to this day and my son will turn 32 this year!

CDScott said...

I know that smell...the smell of boyhood. Take it in before it's gone.