Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I am so in need of a cup of coffee.....

I think I should just start injecting it directly. I have been teaching my summer camp at the local community college. I wanted the morning class, so the kids ( and myself ) would be full of energy. However, I have the afternoon class....... and everyone is tired. I usually have a little coffee break myself around 3:00..... since my class I have to wait until 5:30 and my head is throbbing. Do you think I have a little caffeine addiction???

Anyway, the class is going well...... after this week I am mentally available for my creative life.

Talk to you soon,



CDScott said...

I hope you are surviving the camp week. How about nibbling on some chocolate covered espresso beans during camp? That would hit the spot around 3pm, right? :-)

Sharon said...

Horay for Mommy artist bloggers! I happened across your blog and was amused to find it titled 'finding home'. My blog, only a couple months old, is when-in-home.blogspot.com. I also have 2 boys but they are quite little still. I envy the time you must get to make art when they go off to school.
Your collages are lovely. Thanks for sharing.