Monday, July 27, 2009

A few movie reviews......

My husband and I watched " Miss Potter" with Renee Zelwiger last night. Although it was slow ( we did not start it until 10:30) I thought it to be quite charming. It is about the life of Beatrix Potter and how she came up with all her little tales.

I turned to the Hallmark station , as I do every Sunday morning , to watch Little house on the Prairie reruns as I sip my coffee. Today I woke up much later than usual , and found the series by author Janette Oke...... I think it was called the Love Saga. I know the name is cheesy, and the story a bit predictable and corny...... however I just loved it. They had a marathon all day. I watched a bit in and out ..... while I did the dishes, cooked , cleaned, etc. ( I spend alot of time in my kitchen I am finding). It reminds me of " Sarah plain and tall" or the " Anne of Green Gables " series. I found it to be quite refreshing and wished that perhaps I had a little house in the prairie myself!

I have 5 new collages in the works and will show you pics in a few days!
Talk to you soon,

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